What A Wonderful World!

We’ve sure had a wild few weeks with Blue Ox Farm!

Caleb was able to meet with “Menomonie Market Food Co-Op” (in Menomonie, WI), “Just Local Food Co-Op” (in Eau Claire, WI), and the new Stewart Woodman restaurant, “Birdhouse” (in Uptown Minneapolis).  Through those meetings, we were able to get a clear picture of the expectations each business has and how we can best meet each of their needs .  With this information in hand, we’ve begun drawing out our garden plan for the year and putting real numbers into our budget proposal.  It is sure exciting to have made all the arrangements for the year and know that what is ahead of us will be the effort behind creating strong relationships and building a thriving business.  We are at an exciting time in our lives!

We’ve also been having a lot of excitement as we travel to Rochester bi-weekly to continue through the Land Stewardship Project‘s “Farm Beginnings” program.  It has been a wonderful opportunity to connect with other small growers, learn the “ins and outs” of farm business planning, and start to really crunch numbers on our own plans for the future.  We’ve been working on a comprehensive Farm Proposal that could potentially be submitted for grants or loans in the future.  Although all the numbers and components of farm business can be a little overwhelming, we are both very excited to be delving into this aspect of our future… allowing us a much better chance of making the farm the successful lifestyle we hope for.

On top of all that, Lauren’s business was the topic of an article in Volume One, Eau Claire’s local weekly magazine.  The article mentions the lifestyle we are persuing and even links to the Blue Ox Farm blog!  It’s sure exciting to see our names in print!  You can read the article here: http://volumeone.org/articles/article/3009/Sheep_Herdin_T_Shirt_Designer

We are so lucky to be getting such a wonderful start with so much support from our lovely family, friends, and neighbors.  These are all great steps toward building the community and dream we’ve been striving for.  Thank you all for your part in this journey.

Until next time…

Good Courage!

Also, you can see more pictures and find what’s happening at Blue Ox Organics by clicking here!

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