LSP Letter – Blue Ox’s Land Access Story

Our story was shared in Volume 31 of the Land Stewardship Letter this November!  There is a wonderful collection of stories of beginning farmers seeking and gaining access to land.  Some families are highlighted as they transition land from one generation to another.  We have a unique story of gaining land tenure on our current farm.  We’ve shared some of that story with you through this blog.  A more in-depth look at how we were able to buy our farm is included in the letter.  I’ll include photos of the article here, but please look up the whole letter for a better understanding of rural America’s struggles and triumphs to maintain family farmland.

LSP letter 2013 p20

LSP letter 2013 p21

LSP letter 2013 p22

The full Land Stewardship Letter can be found here:


Also, you can see more pictures and find what’s happening at Blue Ox Organics by clicking here!

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