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We are very excited to be setting up a new website!

As we cozy into the mild winter we’ve been enjoying, get our markets in order, and get our garden planned out for spring, I thought I’d go ahead and tell you a little about us and what we’re doing.

My name is Lauren.  I’m the “farmer’s wife”.  Caleb and I were just married this past fall and enjoyed a month-long tour of the United States by train for our honeymoon.  It was an amazing adventure and the perfect way to prepare ourselves to move onto the farm.

We should probably tell you about “the farm”.  It is 60 acres and 20 of that is covered in woods.  They’re lovely for a walk and have provided us the firewood to keep our home warm this winter.  Caleb will be intensively managing about 2 acres in a vegetable garden.  The rest of it is mostly pasture.  The property has a lovely farmhouse, a barn, workshop, a few sheds, and a variety of equipment.  We also house the local Amish Telephone Booth.  No, really!  The countryside around us is dotted with Amish farms (as well as many more-conventional small farms) and they come to our house to use the telephone when they need to conduct business.  This has offered us a unique opportunity to get to know the community.

Now that you know a tiny bit about us, please remember to come back later and learn more as we encounter things to share.
I’ll leave you with a pair of photos of tonight’s beautiful sunset – this area is sure lovely!


Over the Field – Sunset 1/5/12

Over the Path – Sunset 1/5/12











Also, you can see more pictures and find what’s happening at Blue Ox Organics by clicking here!

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