Golden Hill’s Farewell to Caleb

Caleb has enjoyed, immensely, his position at Golden Hill Area Learning Center in Rochester, MN where he was able to work alongside students in the garden.  The faculty and staff at Golden Hill were wonderful at integrating the garden into curriculum and finding opportunities to share the produce with students and their families.

Caleb bonded with several of his students and found that working with them in the garden created unexpected and wonderful opportunities for connection.  Conversing while weeding seems only natural!  Although he’s on to the next endeavor, his time at Golden Hill will follow him as an example of positive direct action within the food and education systems.

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Farewell to Caleb

           On October 28th, Golden Hill said goodbye to Caleb Langworthy, with an official farewell reception held by the staff of Golden Hill on November 7th. Caleb left our school to raise vegetables and sheep on a farm in Wisconsin. Caleb got married on November 12th to Lauren Langley.
           At Golden Hill, Caleb taught students both the science and applied practice of growing food. He offered students opportunities to work after school and during the summer in the greenhouse and garden. He directed a plant sale last spring, pioneered Golden Hill participation in the Farmers’ Market, worked to secure community partners, and generally shared his passion for organic gardening processes and fresh, natural foods. Golden Hill wishes Caleb the best in his new endeavor. We will miss you, Caleb.”
Caleb and his fiancee, Lauren, at his farewell reception on November 7th.

Caleb and his fiancee, Lauren, at his farewell reception on November 7th.

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