Blue Ox raises pastured lamb in a rotational grazing system that helps us build soil health, sequester carbon, and foster healthy, happy animals. Lambs are raised by their mothers and moved daily to new pasture. Harvest usually occurs in January. The next harvest date will be in early 2019 (usually January or February).

Your support through a whole-animal purchase is a lot like buying a CSA share of our flock. We raise the animals (with your financial help), work with you to decide the best cuts for your cooking style, communicate with the butcher, and deliver the animals to the processing facility for you. You get to experience a variety of cuts and know the story of your meat. Because you purchase the whole animal, we are able to charge a much lower price per pound than the grocery store.

We all feel good knowing the lamb you purchased lived a good life and sustained good people in the end. 

You can expect a minimum of 45 pounds of meat with your purchase (average was 52lbs in 2017 and 56lbs in 2018) – which you can imagine as ‘about a paper grocery bag’ full of cuts. We will contact you soon with a ‘cut sheet’ to talk through the specialization of your order and the processor fee at time of harvest.

2018-2019 “Lamb List” – $250.00
Whole Lamb Reservation – Not Certified Organic
Additional processing fees charged by the butcher at harvest time
(Basic butcher fee is $95)

Pick up sites include: Minneapolis, MN; St. Paul, MN; Eau Claire, WI; Rochester, MN; and Menomonie, WI – please include your site in the “notes” field during purchase. Thanks!

Contact us for more information.