After starting the business on rented land, the Blue Ox farmers purchased 153 acres from a third-generation dairy farm in 2013.  Much of the land had been left fallow in recent years while a few fields were rented to area crop farmers. Our mission remains to improve the land, local ecology, and homestead’s infrastructure while provide our community with high-quality farm products.

Blue Ox resides on the edge of an ancient glacial lake bed between the Driftless region and the North Woods.  The heavier soils on the ridge land and sandier lowlands offer us unique opportunities for different land use depending on rainfall, season, plant and animal needs.


The steep slopes of hillsides are utilized for grazing sheep and encouraging forest communities – preventing the soil erosion that would come through tillage of these grades.

We are lucky to have access to so many different ecosystems on one plot of land.  This diversity offers us the opportunity to raise organic produce, rotationally graze sheep across large pastures, make our own hay, forage for wild edibles, raise small grains, and utilize cover crops to improve soil health.

We’ve been slowly adding high tunnels, greenhouse space, perimeter fencing, organic matter, a root cellar, and other infrastructure needed to make our farm a reliable producer of pastured lamb and winter produce. Please join us by purchasing a lamb share and by getting to know your farmers. Together, we have the opportunity to revitalize the countryside, improve access to local and sustainable food sources, and support the biodiversity and ecology of our natural communities with healthy soil, clean water, and clean air.